Why Choose Local Radio?

There is an ever growing trend of people who choose to listen local, and the listener is king. People choose to listen local because they feel connected. Especially if it is a local voice which becomes a familiar friend. And in particular if that voice is coming from the heart of their community. 

Working with LLR Media enables your brand to engage with these listeners, in the car, at home and on the move.

Brands are changing their mindset and habits in order to mirror this and appeal to those who choose local. Provenance is now all important, we are all far more environmentally conscious these days too. What we do and where we choose to do it makes a difference, and openly tapping into localisation is a strong statement about a brand. 

Localisation isn’t diminished by size, it is amplified by trust.

The relentless forward march into globalisation and the destruction left in its wake, was always going to result in a swing the other way. Localisation is being lost, be that artisan skills and crafts unique to a particular area, or the individuality of the High Street, or even connection to our neighbours.

We are becoming more protective of our communities and all things we deem local. More and more people want to re-establish that sense of belonging and identity, their place in their little corner of the world…and what better place to start than through their local radio station.