While Adland’s Back Was Turned, Local Got Sexy

In a recent article, a media agency leader is quoted as saying “local had had a bad rap for years” and asked if it needs a rebrand. Pre-digital and local press campaigns are described as “never the most exciting stuff”. But our job is about being effective and efficient.  

Let me tell you that local is sexy. Local is not “the next big thing”, it has already arrived. We didn’t turn our backs!  Artisan food producers, micro-breweries, coffee bars, crafts, farmers markets, may have been on hold during lockdown, but they are coming back with new and innovative tweaks.  

In this time of uncertainty, consumers are staying local because it is safe and familiar. And here’s the thing, they are listening local too, in increasing numbers.

There’s a whole range of fabulous independent local stations, each one unique and catering to every whim. Many of them target older listeners who are not engaged on digital platforms (sharp intake of breath)!   

Until now there has been no easy way to book a campaign across this sector. But there is now, and we have the specialist knowledge to help media planners navigate the opportunities available. From ads to sponsored content, social media support, competitions and more.

Call us today and let’s explore the options. The exciting, effective and efficient options.