Radio Impact Beyond Numbers – Part 2

Last week I described how local radio helped to get people into work. A Breakfast Show interview with the manager of the local Job Centre resulted in multiple job offers, on the same day! The station had only been on air 5 days and to have such a quick impact was a real eye opener. 

More recently in the height of lockdown, a station I know ran free adverts for local community organisations. These ranged from food and medicine distribution to mental health support and befriending. The manager from the local foodbank was interviewed on the morning magazine programme. The foodbank was running short of supplies and wanted to appeal for help.

Directly afterwards, she was inundated with offers of support, many saying how much the interview had touched them. A donation of £500 swiftly followed. And then, a few days later the station heard from a listener’s young son who was so moved by what he had heard that he decided to set up a collection point in front of his house, collecting box loads of food for the organisation.

That’s just a couple of the outcomes from one interview. Good local radio stations are creating impact like this every day. It’s clear that there’s a considerable audience here, and this is just one station. If you are a marketer we can help you get impactful coverage like this right across the UK.

Measuring listener numbers can be difficult because there’s no way of knowing exactly how many people are tuned in at any particular time. We believe that stories like this one demonstrate the value of local radio. It’s the impact beyond the numbers that makes the difference.