Radio Impact Beyond Numbers – Part 1

One of the local radio stations in the LLR Network first went on air back in 2013, with a 28 day broadcast from a vacant unit in their town centre.  

There was no money to promote the service but it had a prominent retail presence, giving consumers the chance to look in and see the studio in action.  A buzz around town was quickly created.

The Breakfast Show presenter invited the Manager of the Job Centre in for an interview.

She talked about how the Job Centre works with local businesses and job seekers across all sectors and industries.  “While I’m here”, she said “Can I mention a few of the jobs we are currently working on?” As it made for a compelling interview, the presenter of course agreed.

A big well known food & drink outlet were opening locally and recruiting for a number of bar and kitchen staff roles.   Job details delivered, she left the studios at around 8.30am to go to work and get on with the rest of her day.

On arrival at The Job Centre she was greeted with a queue of people who had heard the interview and wanted to apply for the jobs she had talked about.

Fast forward to 3pm the same day when the radio Station Manager gets a phone call.  It was The Job Centre manager ringing to say that the queue of people had been processed, some sent for interview with the employer, and many of them had been offered jobs to start within a fortnight.

The radio station had been on air 5 days.

This, my friends, is the impact of Local Radio.  Sure, it doesn’t reach millions of people a week, but it certainly makes a difference.  In this instance, the impact is on several levels.  Unemployed people found work which benefited their families.  The business found the people it needed.  There are more people spending money in the local economy.

Listeners are talking about the radio station and more people are tuning in.

Local radio isn’t in competition with our favourite national radio brands.  It plays a different role altogether. 

Local radio rarely offers the grilling of cabinet ministers, the world’s biggest DJ sets, or tickets to world famous music festivals, but it can change people’s lives in other ways.

Local radio makes a difference.  And your client or their brand can be a part of that too.

At LLR Media, we work with you to create your own stories just like this.

Keep following for more great examples of how Local Radio makes an impact.