Never Mind Rajar, What About the Gaps?

Two multi-channel campaigns launched recently – one a big name supermarket and the second a very well known fast food restaurant. We only know about them because we’ve read it in the industry press.

Both campaigns are across the UK on the radio, the agencies say. But they are wrong.

In our area, there are 3 outlets for the fast food restaurant and a 4th in planning stages. There are four big supermarket outlets and at least half a dozen smaller format stores.  

Yet, because the local independent radio station isn’t on the Rajar Radar, it wasn’t selected to carry either campaign. In this town of more than 100,000 people, these two big campaigns have less clout than they could have done.

It’s easy to understand how this might have occurred. Until now there has been no easy way to book airtime with the many independent radio stations across the UK. But now there is LLR Media, an agency which targets those who prefer to #ListenLocal.  

So whether you are looking to reach a specific town, listeners over the age of 45, or any target group, don’t just rely on the numbers your agency will sell you.  Give us a call and let’s explore the other options.