Media Buying – Break the rules!!

Before your media agency presses the button to buy airtime, are you sure you have evaluated all the options?

What if there was a whole swathe of independent local radio stations, all unique and with detailed knowledge of their areas, that you hadn’t considered?

What if local listeners tuned in to them for local traffic info, magazine-style programmes, and a local focus?

What if, heaven forbid, these stations were not part of the Rajar survey?


If you thought brilliant vibrant independent local radio stations didn’t exist any more, you’ve been missing out.

And if you think because a station isn’t part of Rajar it isn’t up to much, think again.

Now, we know it’s easy to sit down at an online planning system and just click on the spots with the biggest numbers, but what has happened to the human interaction and thought process?

In an article on from May 2020, Mediahub’s Danny Donovan asked “Have we ruled out the potential to be radical and disruptive by allowing media buying to be pre-determined by rules?” 

What happens if the human conversation doesn’t consider some of the options because they are not in the ready-made planning system? Eeek!

Here’s the thing. For smaller, independent radio stations, there are things which are quite frankly more important than knowing what Rajar says.  They measure effectiveness in other ways.

These are stations who know their listeners. They actually know some of them individually because they interact on a regular basis over the phone, via social media and out at local events.  Studios are in the heart of the community and presenters live locally. They know what’s relevant to their audience at different times of day.

Music choices are not made by focus group, scripts aren’t dictated, and links aren’t limited to 30 seconds.  This is real, proper, local radio.  Listeners love it and trust it. It’s the perfect partner for a national TV, radio or OOH campaign, and a cost-effective way to target very specific communities. 

So hold on, don’t click those spots just yet. Let’s explore some radical and disruptive options first.

LLR Media is a boutique agency specialising in independent local radio.  We understand the stations, their audiences and all the opportunities, beyond just spots, which are on offer. How about sponsored content for example?  

Look at your options. Give it a try, call us!