Digital Is Fab But It Doesn’t Reach Everyone

It must be very exciting working at the cutting edge of media technology. Digital is moving so quickly we can hardly keep up.  Just last week saw the launch of new technology for OOH and Radio where a driver hears a radio ad as they pass a digital poster site (although whether that interrupts their radio listening we’re not quite sure).

But “not being able to keep up” is quite an important point, because we’ll bet a pound to a penny that people working in these fields are way ahead of the population in general.  

Most of the articles we see about advertising and media are about reaching young people. Some of the UK’s biggest radio stations are changing their output to appeal to younger audiences.

If you want to reach older listeners, then local radio can be an important part of your media mix.  We work with a range of stations who target listeners with more wisdom and buying power. Sponsored content, interviews and competitions can reach people that the latest internet video can’t.

So whether you are looking to reach a specific town, listeners over the age of 45, or any target group, don’t just rely on the numbers your agency will sell you. Give us a call and let’s explore the other options.