Who Are we?

Our team combines many years of radio, creative, communications and project management expertise. 

We understand that business needs to constantly evolve and find new and innovative distribution channels for their messages and brand awareness.

The stations in our network are all independent, unique and diverse. There are no cookie cutters used here!


Pippa Sawyer

Co-Founder & Consultant
Meet Pippa.
Pippa does big-picture, visionary stuff.
She’s a disrupter, turning things upside down and inside out.
She’s creative and engaging.
She knows local radio, with awards to prove it!

Cheryl Tissot

Meet Cheryl.
Cheryl does the essential operational detail which makes things happen. She’s a maestro of minutiae.
She’s savvy, efficient and effective.
She knows business, with the experience to prove it!
Our Mission 

To create a radio revolution where brands, business and society celebrate their unique place on the map.

The Things We Care About

Listener is King

Impact beyond Numbers

Integrity & Transparency

Challenging Perceptions